Welcome to the Freelance Era.

Welcome to the
Freelance Era.

There’s no better time than now to start freelancing.

As technology makes the remote working experience (nearly) as seamless as working in an office, companies are becoming remote-friendly. They’re also increasingly working with a remote workforce of contractors and freelancers. And this trend isn’t going away anytime soon.

The talent market has also shifted. People increasingly want to have more flexibility over where, when, and with whom they work. We’re turning away from the traditional 9-to-5, and towards the flexibility of working when it’s best for us, on the projects we find the most fulfilling, wherever in the world we choose to live.

As the number of people freelancing as part of their careers skyrockets, there’s never been a better time to get started than the present.

And to help you take the next step in your career, or upscale your existing freelance business even further, we’ve put together a guide on the freelancing essentials for the modern workforce-of-one.

This guide covers why freelancing is so great, what to consider when getting started, and how to effectively be your own CEO while also running sales, marketing, and growth. There are practical tips, as well as some of the commonly used resources and tools, and even some German-specific info for expats (though you’ll still get a lot from this even if you’re not in Germany).

We hope you’ll find this guide actionable, and we hope it provides you with the confidence you need to take your freelancing activities to the next level.

Your journey starts here

Your journey starts here

This guide was created with ❤️ by

This guide was
created with ❤️ by

Alexandra Connerty

Lead Author 

Alexandra is helping SMEs and consultants from Toronto to London, Kyiv to NYC tell their stories clearly through content. Ali has worked with 35+ SaaS, e-learning, hospitality, digital privacy, and food innovation companies on sales, marketing and product content. Occasionally she works with individuals on their biographies and personal brands.

Sandra Redlich


Sandra works as a freelance marketing consultant, copywriter, translator, and project manager. Originally from Germany, she has permanently settled in the beautiful city of Melbourne. She loves walking her long-eared Bloodhound Freddy, the concept of trash TV, cooking and eating all kinds of food (Indian is a fav!), and spending time with her friends from all over the world.

Yvonne Acker


Yvonne has made her love of the German language her profession. Based in Berlin, she supports smaller start ups and larger companies in the areas of copy writing, branding and communication, and finds the right words for the respective target group. Besides she loves movies, flea markets and is always up for a good pho.

Mourad Moutawakkil


For 10 years now, Mourad has been helping its clients to find solutions to their UX, UI, Motion and Product problems. He has worked on a variety of interesting projects: applications, websites, UX recommendations, videos and motions in sectors such as real estate, events, fintech or entertainment.